200OK: Oklahoma's Web Developer Conference

Virtual May 21, 2021


CFP closed at  April 01, 2021 05:00 UTC

200OK is a web developer-focused conference run by Oklahoma’s nonprofit tech organization, Techlahoma. Our audience is interested in the newest web technologies and tools.

Connect with fellow web professionals and some of the best speakers in the country for a day of presentations about leading web tech topics, plus join in hacking spaces, break-outs, and group discussions.

This is an all-virtual conference , so anyone in the world can attend or speak! Live talks are preferred, but not required. However, live Q&A after the talk is required. May 21, 2021

CFP Description

200OK is a web developer-focused conference. Our audience is interested in the newest web technologies and tools. Topics usually include:

  • Front-End (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.)
  • Back End (Node, Python/Django, C#/.Net, Ruby/Rails, SQL, No SQL, etc.)
  • DevTools and infrastructure (Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, etc.)
  • Project Management (Agile, etc)
  • People Management and Soft Skills


These are some example topics to get you started but are by no means an exhaustive list of what could be presented. Get creative! We love to hear about new and different topics.

  • 3D / WebGL / VR
  • APIs
  • Art
  • Audio & Music
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Data Visualization
  • Database / Big Data
  • Dev Ops / Deployment
  • Dev Tools
  • Distributed Programming
  • Javascript
  • Frontend Frameworks
  • Functional Programming
  • Hardware / IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Development
  • Performance
  • Reactive Programming
  • Security / Privacy
  • Server-side Development
  • Testing
  • Transpiled Languages: TypeScript, CoffeeScript, etc.
  • UI/UX or design

Selection Process

This is how we will select the proposals:

  • Talk originality - we like to mix it up with some new talks
  • Topic and content - No matter who you are, we will take into account the topic and content of your talk - so make sure to write a good abstract! :) Make your CFP title descriptive and save creative titles for the event!
  • Helpfulness / Relevance - We like talks that are very helpful and have wide appeal to our diverse audience trying to “get stuff done” in their jobs.
  • We survey our community with the talk titles to gauge community interest. We do not select purely on community votes, but this does inform the selection process. In case we haven’t said it enough: MAKE YOUR CFP TITLE DESCRIPTIVE AND SAVE CREATIVE TITLES FOR THE EVENT!

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