5G & Telemedicine Security Conference (5GTSC)

Austin, TX February 22, 2023

Tags: 5g, Telemedicine, Cybersecurity, Austin, Texas, Information technology, Infosec, Information security

CFP closed at  December 02, 2022 13:22 UTC

The premier 5G & Telemedicine Security Conference (5GTSC) will investigate the secure use of 5G technology to conduct lifesaving telemedicine while educating the medical & cybersecurity professionals on the potential vulnerabilities and limitations inherent in all Internet of Medical Things (IOMT).

5GTSC will bring together medical and cybersecurity professionals from the public sector, private sector & academia and foster a relationship focused on continually improving secure 5G / Telemedicine & medical device capabilities.

Papers are considered in one of three categories:

  • Category 1: Social Engineering / Deception (both human & technical)
  • Category 2: Presentations on Technical & Functional topics
  • Category 3: Anything and everything scholarly related to 5G & Telemedicine

CFP Description

Requested topics include:

  • Understanding 5G & Telemedicine / Telementoring
  • Implications of 5G and beyond for Telemedicine
  • Medical device security
  • Medical Cloud functionality & security
  • Vulnerability to “classic” attacks
  • AR / VR / XR
  • The patient’s role in security
  • Emerging vulnerabilities associated with Artificial
  • Intelligence in diagnosis and treatment
  • Patient Information
  • Securing the healthcare infrastructure
  • Third- and fourth-party security risks (Supply Chain)


    • No commercial presentations
    • Incomplete papers will not be reviewed
    • Please let us know if you have a live demonstration
    • Real-World case studies and research
    • What equipment do you need? Please include a list with your packet


      Perspectives we seek can include (but are not limited to):
      • Offensive Security, Penetration Testing, Red Team
      • Defensive Security, Blue Team, OPSEC
      • Forensics (Un-Pimp your Bot)
      • OSInt - Open source security & vulnerabilities
      • Space-Based, Sea-based & Terrestrial 5G Telemedicine

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