ApexVox 2.0 - Your free .NET conference in Romania

Cluj-Napoca, Romania November 02, 2019,

Tags: Dotnet, Dotnetcore, Ml, Ai, Deeplearning, Azure, Fsharp, Csharp, Devops, Blazor, Iot, Blockchain, Unity, Xamarin, Machinelearning

CFP closed at  October 01, 2019 21:10 UTC

ApexVox 2.0 (second edition), November 2, 2019, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Venue: Golden Tulip Ana Dome Hotel.

ApexVox is a one-day conference that brings the .NET community in Romania together for one day of in-depth knowledge sharing and unmatched networking opportunities. ApexVox is the place where key leaders, founders, RDs, MVPs, and tech enthusiasts gather to discuss, debate and talk about the most exciting aspects of the .NET ecosystem. For this edition, the conference program includes 3 tracks and we are expecting ~20 speakers and 400+ attendees.

CFP Description

Your proposals should include as many details as possible about the topic and format of the presentation or anything else that makes your talk unforgettable. The more you can tell us, the better. Here are some title examples or topics for possible talks:

  • Doing DevOps on scale
  • Elegant solutions for complicated tasks
  • “topic” done right
  • Microservices from the trenches
  • That’s the problem, here’s my library!
  • Solving business problems with AI / ML
  • Optimizing ASP.NET Core performance. A case study
  • Advanced benchmarking in ASP.NET Core
  • Pay attention to memory allocation!
  • Cool C# 8 features
  • The danger of TaskCompletionSource class
  • The performance characteristics of async methods in C#
  • Managed object internals
  • ML.NET
  • Blazor
  • .NET and Microsoft Azure / AWS
  • Unity under the hood
  • Desktop apps in .NET Core
  • F# in production?
  • Here’s a crazy library!
  • gRPC in ASP.NET Core
  • GraphQL + .NET Core = love!

These are suggested topics of interest to ApexVox organizers. Speakers are free to vary or submit their own.

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