CFP closes at  March 31, 2020 00:00 UTC

What is API The Docs?

API The Docs is a conference series for practicing and prospective technical writers, API developers, API team leads, product owners, developer evangelists and any other people interested in the documentation side of the transformation that APIs bring to the world. The conference is meant to be an information hub – it creates an excellent opportunity to share, discuss and learn about the latest trends and best practices of developer portals and their API documentation components.

About API The Docs Cologne-Bonn 2020

With the help of great co-organizers, the API The Docs team brings the conference to Germany for the first time. They’re super excited to meet the local API & documentarian community and see what challenges they face while working on scaling their developer portal. The Organizers hope to explore the core theme from many angles, so they expect submissions from various aspects – technical writers, designers, developers, product owners, stakeholders are all welcome to submit a talk! For further information, please visit the event page.

Dates to remember

  • 31 March, 2020: CFP closes
  • 1-24 April, 2020: Evaluation, review, feedback & confirmation
  • 24 April, 2020: Schedule announcement


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CFP Description

Besides the core theme, the Speaker Selection Committee welcomes every story related to the following topics:

  • Portal technologies
  • API portal strategy & tactics
  • Developer portal case studies
  • Team & cross-team workflows (eg. how to interconnect UX design, website development and DocOps processes)
  • Developer portal features, components, and products
  • Developer experience design
  • API developer community management
  • DocOps, Docs as Code, CI/CD case studies

The Committee will evaluate each submission by taking the following criteria into consideration:

  • Relevance - Is the content relevant to the conference? Does it provide new and exciting takeaways?
  • Originality - Is this an original presentation and not that the speaker repeats at every conference?
  • Quality - Is the proposal engaging and well thought out?

Please note that the Committee is unlikely to accept more than one talk from the same speaker & company and they definitely reject sales or marketing pitches. There are plenty of solutions to generate interest in your project and educate the community without focusing on pure company details :)

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