OWASP AppSec Indonesia 2018

Indonesia November 08, 2018, November 09, 2018

Tags: Application security, Owasp, Appsec asia 2018

CFP closed at  August 30, 2018 10:08 UTC

We are proud to announce OWASP AppSec Indonesia 2018, to be held at Indonesia on thursday November 08th, 2018. Workshop on November 09 th, 2018.

The OWASP AppSec Indonesia 2018 will gather OWASP leaders, security experts, executives, technical thought leaders, developers, scientists and researchers from Indonesia and around the world for in-depth discussions of cutting-edge application security issues. OWASP AppSec Indonesia 2018 is a one-day conference dedicated to application security, with an emphasis on secure architecture and development techniques to help developers build more secure applications.

CFP Description


In general, there is no restriction on the subject of the talks, as long as the topic is related to Application Security (not necessarily Web). We will not accept any talks regarding other aspects of Security, that are not applicative in nature. Talks at any technical level can be accepted.We especially appreciate talks from security folk in large organizations (“security consumers”) who can share different Case Studies from the field.

Specifically, the topics we look for include, but are not limited to, the following subject areas:

Secure Engineering: secure coding, static analysis, applicationthreat modelling, web frameworks security, countermeasures, SDLC, DevOps, etc.

Mobile security: Development and/or testing devices and the mobile web

Cloud security: Offensive and defensive considerations for cloud-based web applications

Infrastructure security: Database security, VoIP, hardware, identity management

Penetration testing: Methodologies, tools, exploit development, evasion techniques, OSINT, etc.

Emerging web technologies and associated security considerations

Applied Cryptography: Relevant research, new models, algorithm usage, interesting attacks, and other applications.

Incident response: Threat detection, triage, malware analysis, forensics, rootkit detection

OWASP tools and projects in practice

Policy and legal: Legislation, privacy, regulations and compliance, C-level considerations, etc.

Cool hacks and other fun stuff: cryptography, social engineering, etc.

Cognitive Security

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