Agile Tour Brussels 2018

Brussels (EPHEC) - October 31, 2018
Tags: Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Extreme programming, Xp, Brussels, Belgium

CFP closes at  July 01, 2018 19:07 UTC

Agile Tour Brussels is one of the biggest conference about Agility in Belgium. We are a part of the Agile Tour, a series of non-profit events over several cities throughout October and December.

Our main goal is to spread the word about agility, its principles and the related methodologies and practices. The talks and workshops will cover management, organizational practices, team dynamics and technical practices.

Over the years we welcomed speakers from all over Europe, with an average of 180 to 200 attendees. The whole conference is in English, talks and workshops included.

Join us this year and meet a vibrant community of Agile practitioner!

CFP Description

Agile Tour is a conference where beginners and experienced Agilists can meet and share their experiences.

The format can be a simple talk with slides or any other support, workshops or even coding sessions. Return on experience are welcome but should lead to a clear conclusion with a lesson to learn. For technical workshops, if you need participants to bring their own laptop and prepare something in advance please let us know directly so this can be taken into account and clearly communicated. Talk duration is 45 min, Q&A included. For workshop or other cases where justified 2 slots can be booked to have a total of 90 minutes. But we encourage shorter sessions as people attention and attendance can be quite low when too long.

The topic should be clearly related with agility, both for organizational and technical practices. For example: * Coaching and facilitation * Scrum, Kanban * Lean * DevOps * TDD, BDD, Refactoring, … * Product Management * Scaling agile * Agile outside IT * What’s next…

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