Blockchain International Training Vienna 2019

Vienna, Austria June 22, 2019, June 23, 2019

Blockchain International Training Vienna 2019

Your Blockchain journey starts here! Want to work with the latest technologies?

Blockchain International Training provides the very best in accredited Blockchain and Digital Transformation courses, meaning your qualification is recognised throughout the world. Blockchain International Training is one of the world’s leading Blockchain and Digital Transformation course providers. We give you the skills needed to consult on the latest digital technologies through our specialist Professional Diploma Course.

We only offer one course because we want all our students to have the best access to global blockchain and digital transformation opportunities. Our course leads to a diploma, regulated by a University of Cambridge exam preparation centre, so it’s the only qualification you need!

Some employers prefer a significant portion of your qualification to be face-to-face rather than purely online, that is why our entire course takes place in the classroom. This course is particularly suitable if you feel you would benefit from face-to-face tuition, including the chance to practise everything you have learnt in the classroom.

On successful completion of the course you will be qualified to consult businesses internationally. In addition to learning how to discuss blockchain solutions, our unique course structure includes a dedicated unit on digital transformation. Our Diploma is approved by Elite English Education, a University of Cambridge exam preparation centre. This means our course is the most internationally recognised, accessible and affordable, blockchain and digital transformation qualification available in Europe.

The aim of the 20-hour weekend classroom course is to take you through all the basics of blockchain and digital transformation. You will get the opportunity to learn through group work and gain peer-to-peer experience. This classroom course will build your confidence to a level where you will feel comfortable standing up in front of your first client.

The course also covers the theory of blockchain and digital transformation in more detail, such as assessment methods and project management, and consists of twenty mandatory units. All twenty units are exam-assessed.

Our course is designed to cover every aspect of blockchain and digital transformation consultancy from planning your first project to applying for your first job. Our units are designed to give you maximum intake of information in the shortest time frame. This technique allows us to offer one of the most in-depth blockchain and digital transformation courses available in Europe.

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