Čakovec, Croatia - December 14, 2018, December 15, 2018

CFP closed at  November 20, 2018 00:11 UTC

The BLOČK blockchain conference organized by Blockada will take place on December 14-15, 2018 (Friday & Saturday) at Hotel Castellum and the picturesque Castle Zrinski in Čakovec, Croatia.

The aim of BLOČK is to educate blockchain developers and provide them with useful practical and theoretical knowledge that will enhance their skills and enrich their careers. Furthermore, the conference aims to connect blockchain developers with potential employers, business partners, collaborators, and fellow enthusiasts. Finally, the organizers hope to initiate the process of technological decentralization of Croatia and start turning Čakovec, a small town in the northern region of Međimurje, into a strong technological hub and an attractive location for future blockchain events.

The main theme of the conference will be NFT - non-fungible tokens - and their development and applications that go beyond CryptoKitties. This is not a requirement but a recommendation and simply means that you’ll have more chance of being accepted as a speaker if you submit such an NFT-themed talk or workshop.

For details on what’s included in the speaker package, click here.

CFP Description

We’re looking for technical talks and workshops that explain a certain technology, teach people how to code or how to implement Ethereum technology into traditional or new Web3 applications. Mainly, we’re interested in NFT - non-fungible tokens - so, come to build badges, kitties, licenses, subscriptions and much more with us. We’re also looking to cover meta transactions, light clients, Whisper messaging, off chain transaction signing solutions, private identities, and licenses on the blockchain, and so much more. We accept workshops and talks, and workshops can be in 4 or 8 hours in length. For 8-hour workshops, you’ll get 50% of the workshop’s profits, in addition to what we pay you to come to speak at Bločk. Everyone wins!

Note that a focus on NFT is not a requirement but a recommendation and simply means that you’ll have more chance of being accepted as a speaker if you submit such a talk or workshop. Also, note that the audience is primarily developers and people looking to hire them - so don’t be afraid to be technical in your talks, but also don’t make it rocket science. A good speaker makes sure everyone can follow along!

When submitting, please note the following:

1) Do you have any experience speaking at conferences and if so, what kind of experience? Please provide videos if available.

2) Have you already hosted this talk/workshop? If so, when?

3) Would your company be able to sponsor your trip in exchange for a mention in all our media, newsletter, and a swag item in the spambag? (if yes, note that you still get 50% workshop revenue if you host an 8-hour workshop!)

4) Please provide the following information:


Portfolio/work link



Origin airport code

Do you need accommodation?

Please indicate whether you have any special dietary needs.

Please indicate whether you are comfortable with being recorded (in case we decide to record the talks/workshops and publish them online).

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