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Boulder Python Meetup

Recurring monthly meetup in Boulder Colorado for Pythonistas new and old.


From May 2017 through Dec 2017, we will be meeting at the new Galvanize space on the ground floor, beginning at 6:30pm.


  • 6:30pm, Beginner’s Track
  • 6:55pm, Announcements and Sponsor introductions
  • 7:15pm, Evening talks begin

More details

We start each session with a beginner’s track where we teach some basics about Python, both from a syntax and an “under the hood” stance, so you can truly appreciate the ins and outs of the Python language. As much as possible, we focus on learning Python 3 in the beginner’s track.

Sponsors of Boulder Python will be given time to share any announcements or give a 5-10 minute lightning talk.

Evening talks will come in three styles:

  • lightning talk: 5-10 minutes, no Q&A; goal: show us something cool that you’ve built with Python
  • short demo: 15-20 minutes, minimal Q&A; goal: demonstrate a library or tool related to Python that you’d like to share with us
  • in-depth talk: 20-30 minutes, 5-10 minutes Q&A; goal: deeper technical talk about something you’ve built in Python

CFP Description

Talk types and length

Per above, we have three main talk types but we’re open to alternative ideas. Ideally, though, we’d constrain the talks to the following types:

  • 20 minute beginner’s track; core syntax and use of the language only, no third-party libraries
  • 5-10 minute lightning talk about something you’ve built
  • 15-20 minute demo of third party libraries
  • 20-30 minute talk on something you’ve built

Speaker Responsibilities

We expect each presentation to contain code or slides which can be shared with our meetup members within a week or so of the event; if the presentation contains proprietary information which cannot be shared publicly we would at least like a small slide deck highlighting the main points of your talk to remind readers what you covered.

Slide decks, notes and code should be submitted with your talk idea or to the organizers at least two weeks before the meetup.

Organizer Responsibilities

The organizers of Boulder Python will evaluate every talk submitted and will work with you to agree on a monthly meetup where your talk can be given. Preference will be given to past and present sponsors of the meetup.

Talk Ideas

Our meetup attendees range from experienced Python developers with lots of varied experience to members who are brand new to the language and are pursuing Python for application development and data analytics. Based on a survey we released in late 2016, here are the kinds of topics our members are interested in hear more about (in no particular order)

  • data processing (pandas, jupyter)
  • data visualization, plotting
  • personal projects that other attendees are building
  • desktop app development (Qt, wxWidgets, Kivy, etc)
  • framework-specific topics (Flask, Django, Mezzanine)
  • hosting platforms (App Engine/GCP, Azure, Heroku, etc)
  • development tools, advanced setups
  • testing tools (mocking libraries, Splinter/Selenium, etc)
  • package-specific talks (sqlalchemy, cartopy, etc)
  • web scraping (Requests, BeautifulSoup, etc)
  • parallel processing
  • lessons learned
  • IoT, Raspberry Pi, etc
  • automation topics like Mechanize, Ansible, Fabric
  • socket programming
  • static web site generators
  • devops/sysadmin/monitoring with Python
  • math-related topics such as SciPy, encryption
  • database-related topics
  • integrations with UI front end (handling ajax, jwt, etc)
  • effective project mgmt using GitHub
  • alternate Python versions (micropython, PyPy, cython)
  • this vs that topics (ie, “Flask vs Falcon”)

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