BSidesOK 2021

Online April 30, 2021

CFP closed at  April 12, 2021 06:00 UTC

BSidesOK is a free information security conference focused on practical, hands-on training for improving security on April 30, 2021. This is the premier security conference for the state of Oklahoma, pulling speakers from around the country and attendees from several surrounding states.


The community is rich in both offensive and defensive information security members. We value cool, unique, and engaging topics. If you’ve been working on something awesome, we’d love to know about it!


In 2020, we had over a thousand participants.


The conference will be streamed online. We’ll likely have 2 or 3 tracks going simultaneously.


The conference is completely non-profit and volunteer-driven

CFP Description


You are invited to propose a presentation/talk for BSidesOK to be held on Friday, April 30, 2021 in Tulsa, OK. Our focus is on practical, in-the-trenches information security. If you’ve got a topic or an idea that you’d like to talk about, write down an outline & submit it!

Topic Considerations:

Our audience covers a wide range of the infosec community, but the majority tends to be defensive IT folks (blue team), so talks that are focused on defensive tactics or capabilities have much more chance of being selected. We also do have a number of red-team folks, so offensive-focused topics will be considered, but please consider how you can approach the topic to benefit the whole audience. For example, that cool new attack you have might be awesome, but spend some time discussing how to prevent it, detect it, & defend against it.

We’re looking for talks and training that have a practical application, whether that’s a process you have to get things done more efficiently, a script you’ve written, or a tool you use. Show us how YOU do security and why that’s valuable to our audience.

If you have a vendor-specific talk​, your take-away can not be something proprietary to your product. In other words, spend time discussing the underlying security issues and review multiple options. There must be a ‘free’ option or at least a way to accomplish some of it with the built-in tools from that operating system or device. Sales-pitches will not be accepted. We’re also not looking for a straight-up demo of a security tool.

Ideal talks will have some sort of deliverable for the audience. Not cookies or beer (you can still bring cookies and we got the beer;) but something they can take back to their work or personal life and use TODAY. Practical actions, scripts, methodologies, commands, etc. that people can use after the talk and find value from – these are what the judges will be looking for.

Selection is based on content, not if the judges have heard your name before or not. So submit a talk that helps the community and you probably will be picked. If not that, then make sure the take-aways from your discussion are awesome. If you have a talk that is extremely useful and practical for anyone to use today, then you’ve got great chances.

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