BSides Orlando Studio Sessions - January 16th, 2021 - CFP CLOSES - DECEMBER 7th, 2020.

Online January 16, 2021

CFP closed at  December 08, 2020 04:59 UTC

BSides Orlando Studio Sessions is a quarterly event in tandem with BSides Orlando’s annual event. First time speaker? You are who we are looking for. Submit your talk to Studio Sessions and you will be paired with a mentor to build and hone your speaking style and presentation. Two speakers will be selected every quarter with until the next BSides Orlando. If you speak you will automatically be placed as a BSides Orlando speaker in our Studio Sessions track at the annual conference. We help you become a better speaker in a smaller venue with a mentor and those accepted join us at our annual conference.

If you’ve been thinking of speaking, but weren’t sure how… this is the call you’ve been waiting for.

CFP Description

BSides Orlando Studio Sessions is a unique opportunity to keep the BSides Orlando spirit alive all year through quarterly meetups that will help build and grow new local voices. The purpose of Studio Sessions was inspired from the BSides Las Vegas Proving Ground track. Each first time speaker will be paired with mentors to help them refine the speaking style, presentation, and delivery of their material, research, or commentary. This will be a blind CFP based solely on the talk abstract. We are looking for unique research, new perspectives, specific expertise, and local voices to be the next speakers in our community.

Three studio sessions meetups will be held with two new speakers each. These may be virtual, in person, or hybrid. The fourth quarter of the year is our annual BSides Orlando conference. Speakers accepted to studio sessions and complete the speaking engagement and mentoring will be automatically accepted to the new BSides Orlando Studio Sessions track at our annual conference. They can present new research or work with their mentors to refine and deliver their previous talk.

Tell us what you are passionate about, what you want to present, and why you think you are ready to be a speaker. This is only open to new speakers looking to do their first talk in Florida.

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