CFP closed at  January 15, 2021 23:30 UTC

Chaos Carnival

Chaos Engineering is a discipline to achieve reliability in systems by breaking things on purpose. Chaos Carnival brings all the chaos practitioners together to share their experiences and learn together.

  • Hear from experts, innovators and industry leaders that are shaping the Kubernetes ecosystem.
  • Actionable takeaways to help you further your advancement in the chaos engineering.
  • Discover new products and get hands-on to master the latest tools and techniques.
  • Learn from your peers and their experiences.

CFP Description

Chaos Carnival being a global event, the attendees come from a diverse background. We encourage you to submit talks that would appeal to the attendees. We invite talks of 30 to 45 mins. duration on a wide range of topics mentioned below. Include a short introductory video of your Talk (mandatory) not exceeding 2 minutes.

Introducing Chaos Engineering

  • Benefits of Chaos Engineering for your business
  • How to introduce Chaos Engineering in your DevOps Infrastructure
  • War stories

Cloud-native Chaos Engineering

  • Best practices
  • Chaos Engineering Tools