CFP closes at  January 25, 2022 12:35 UTC

CFP Description

The epic Chicago conference in the heart of winter returns on February 24th, 2022 to drop some hot security knowledge on you just in time for the February freeze.

Our driving conference objective: Build the next generation of CISOs by giving our team members training, including hands-on villages, in a safe Chatham House Rule environment.

The Call for Proposals is your chance to be a more active part of the ChiBrrCon conference, and place your mark on the Chicago community.

All presentation sessions are 45 minutes long although interactive workshops and/or village sessions can be varied timing.

Sessions can be of any of the following types:

Deep Dive Talks

Format to cover more technical deep dives in presentation form. Deep Dive Talks are limited to a maximum of 2 presenters and last for ~45 minutes, to include Q&A.


Panel discussion to bring together a group of no more than 5 experts on a broadly accessible topic. Off-The-Record - Discussion format for topics that you would like to discuss “Off -the -record”. We will be enforcing no recording/photography for this track. For this style, your CFP should call out topic details and moderation intention.


The theme of ChiBrrCon 2022 is “First Principals” shamelessly borrowed from Rick Howard’s Podcast series CSO Perspectives. Rick will also be our Keynote speaker. Towards this, our tracks are looking at what worked and did not work for you as you implemented, or attempted to implement, Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), Kill Chain practices, Risk Measurements, and Resilience. Share details of a component, or the high-level view so long as there are lessons for us.

Please include in your proposal which track you are most aligned with.

Zero Trust

In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. For us, it’s often all about design, design, design. This track will explore what’s worked and the epic failures along the way in implementing Zero Trust concepts along with the processes, and technology to support it.

Kill Chain

What the heck do they do, how do they do it, and how the heck do we turn that knowledge into something that makes us better at what we do. This track is about how we turn the tables on the idea that the bad guy only has to be right once, and we have to be right every time.

Risk Measures

Really want to be a CISO? You need to be able to communicate risk information to both technical and non-technical audiences. In this track, see good examples of how to explain risk to the business to justify investments, as well as ways to explain risk to technical infrastructure and application teams to help prioritize work.


It’s going to happen, no sense in denying it, so here is where you can learn what others are doing to ensure their business keeps running despite the attack that gets past the front door.


We’re bringing everyone’s favorite part of DefCon to Chicago. If you have an idea for a village, lab, CTF session, or escape room (just to name a few) send them to us for this track.

ChiBrrCon has a focus on developing future CISOs. Therefore we also have the following tracks

Up and comers

This track is dedicated to first-time speakers who are ready to make their presence know. Any security-themed topic is acceptable and selectees will be partnered with someone at the Director or above level from the Chicago security community. Mentors will not be from the same company as the presenter.


So you want to be a CISO. This track is about helping you think through the issues that being a CISO means and being prepare. Hint: It’s not all about security.

ChiBrrCon encourages seasoned and new speakers to apply. Because we are focused on developing people if you are a new/newish speaker and would like a mentor to help you prepare please let us know as part of your submission, even if you are not applying under the up and comers track.


We will gladly accept submissions from qualified presenters anywhere in the country but we DO NOT provide any travel or accommodation assistance.

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