DevSecOps 2022

Online December 01, 2022
Tags: Devops, Devsecops, Security, Sre, Sysadmin

CFP closes at  October 28, 2022 23:59 UTC
  (Local) DevSecOps 2022

Come and join our community of 3000+ people at!

Are you the one being paged when systems go down? Have you had “aha!” moments when reading the SRE books? Do you focus on the security pipelines at work?

Come, and share with us your experience!

CFP Description

It’s time to add Security to DevOps, and as more and more of the ecosystem tries to figure out how to do that, we’re here to share that knowledge.

We’re open to all good talks, and in particular:

  • how existing DevOps and SRE can incorporate Security aspect in their work
  • libraries/frameworks ecosystems - did you build a great tool, discover a fantastic way of solving a popular problem with a library?
  • lessons learned - talk about the problems you’ve overcome, what kind of failures did you face?
  • doing research that topic? Come and share your work!