Java 2021

Online March 25, 2021
Tags: Java, Enterprise

CFP closes at  February 08, 2021 23:59 UTC
  (Local) Java 2021

Do you work with Java? Does your product rock in the JVM? Started a new project? We want to hear about that!

Come and talk about all the things Java: - new open source projects - important updates to existing projects - performance tuning of the JVM - unorthodox ways of using the JVM - anything else Java and family

CFP Description

The room will be full of people using or learning to use Java-related technologies. Some will come to learn more about Java tools. Some will be more interested in running production grade systems written in Java.

We’re looking for quality over quantity. We value first-hand experience. We want to hear diverse stories, learn about various tools and methods. We want talks that people will send others on youtube long after the conference is over.

If that sounds like what you like too, let’s do it!

Speak at Java 2021!
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