JavaScript 2022

Online November 17, 2022
Tags: Javascript, Nodejs, Vue, React, Typescript, Web, Html, Css

CFP closes at  October 14, 2022 23:59 UTC

Do you love JavaScript? Did you write a new framework or library? Do you want to showcase your emulator able to run Windows 98 in Chrome? Or finally got that retro game to run in the browser?


Join us for the online conference JavaScript, that’s all about JavaScript and the crazy things you can do with it!

We’re looking for presenters on topics such as:

  • new frameworks and libraries for JavaScript
  • languages that compile into JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • new, innovative uses of JS
  • anything that makes it easier to build frontends
  • JavaScript games

CFP Description

Imagine a room full of people who love JavaScript. Coming from all walks of life, united by arguably the most popular programming language. Do you have lessons to share?

We’re looking for quality over quantity. We value first-hand experience. We want to hear diverse stories, learn about various tools and methods. We want talks that people will send others on youtube long after the conference is over.

If that sounds like what you like too, let’s do it!

Attendees (3)