Python 2022

Online January 27, 2022
Tags: Python, Data science, Pandas

CFP closed at  December 27, 2021 23:59 UTC

Are you a creator/maintainer of an open source project? Have you achieved something amazing using Python? Do you want to share lessons learned from using Python?

Are you a pro at one of the big firms? Or perhaps you’re a self-taught newbie, who’d like to inspire others to get started in their free time?

If that sounds like you, join our conference!

CFP Description

Imagine a room full of people from all walks of life. Software engineers from large companies and startups. Successful quants in large hedge funds. Self-taught crypto traders. All of them having one thing in common: using Python to achieve their goals. And all of them want to get better at what they’re doing. Can you help them?

We’re looking for quality over quantity. We value first-hand experience. We want to hear diverse stories, learn about various tools and methods. We want talks that people will send others on youtube long after the conference is over.

If that sounds like what you like too, let’s do it!

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