Rust 2021

Online November 11, 2021
Tags: Rust, Distributed systems, Cargo, Developer

CFP closes at  October 11, 2021 23:59 UTC

What is this about ?

Conf42: Rust 2021 has a date! Nov 11 2021!

Come and join 2000+ people in the community on our first ever event dedicated specifically to the Rust programming language!

CFP Description

Rust is slowly building more and more momentum, and we believe that in the future, a lot of our lives will be run on Rust.

We would like to hear you speak to these groups of people:

  • experienced programmers new to Rust - how do you get started with Rust, knowing C/Java/JavaScript/Python/Go/
  • libraries/frameworks ecosystems - did you build a great tool, discover a fantastic way of solving a popular problem with a library?
  • lessons learned - talk about the problems you’ve overcome, what kind of failures did you face?
  • doing research that touches on Rust? Come and share your work!

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