CSS-Minsk-JS Conference

Minsk, Belarus September 21, 2018, September 22, 2018

Tags: Js, Css, Accessibility, Performance, Tensorflow.js, React.js, Ml, Typography, Fonts, 3d, Three.js, Devtools, Codecept.js, Ui, Ux, Bdd-testing, Minsk, Belarus

CFP closed at  August 05, 2018 18:08 UTC

CSS-Minsk-JS is the first Belarusian conference for front-end developers and UI specialists with all talks in English. It will take place on September 21-22, 2018 in Minsk, Belarus, at Victoria Olimp Hotel.

It will be a 2 days 1 stream event with workshops on both days:

  • CSS day (talks about CSS, SVG, a11y etc.) & JS workshops
  • JS day (performance, frameworks, devtools etc.) & CSS workshops

500+ developers will gather together to learn about latest trends in CSS and JS world.

Among the topics of the conference are:

  • web typography from the eastern languages features to variable fonts;
  • tensorflow.js and machine learning;
  • front-end performance: debugging issues, modern syntax impact;
  • creativity in 3D with Three.js;
  • coding standards and modern dev tooling;
  • BDD testing with Codecept.js;
  • deep dive in CSS;
  • accessibility issues in web UI;
  • and many more!

Our main goal is experience and knowledge sharing in international community. We support ideas of open web, opensource software and free access to knowledge.

The conference is organised by Minsk JS & Minsk CSS communities together with SPACE Production and LOVATA.

Photos from previous year.

CFP Description

At CSS-Minsk-JS we are looking for the following content types: talks, keynote talks, lightning talks, workshops (3-4h long).

We believe that diversity of speakers and topics will make our event better.

CSS-Minsk-JS aims to provide the community with the best resources on front-end development every year.

Your proposals should include as many details as possible about the topic and format for the presentation. Vague and overly broad proposals don’t showcase your skills and knowledge. The more you can tell us, the more likely the proposal will be selected.

Selected speakers will get:

  • Invitation to a pre-party and after-party dinners with the leaders of front-end communities
  • Invitation to a short tour around Minsk
  • Paid hotel for 2 nights (unless your company covers the expenses)
  • Reimbursed plane tickets (unless your company covers the expenses)
  • Lunch at the conference
  • Visa invitation if needed (no visa is needed if you arrive for up to 5 days)

The audience - 500+ front-end developers & UI specialists (all levels, but mostly mid-senior developers).

We are looking forward to your submissions!

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