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The CW International Conference (CWIC) is the flagship event for Cambridge’s world-renowned technology community. It attracts 400+ delegates from across the world who want to learn from and do business with the UK’s most innovative city. This year CW will host it’s annual international conference on 9th July 2020 in Cambridge, UK.

The world is at the edge of great change, with new technologies offering radically different operating models to businesses. Edge Computing, which promises all the benefits of supercomputing but without the latency, is one such innovation which, especially when combined with its enabling partners 5G, AI and IoT, cannot be ignored.

Consumers no longer notice who, where or what is processing their demands. They just know that their needs are being met more quickly and in a more personalised way than ever before. And they hope more than trust that it is being done in a secure, sustainable manner.

New products, services, processes and business models are arising in every industry based on this customer demand and the increased availability of rapid-turnaround supercomputing. Those who can successfully innovate soonest will thrive. The CW International Conference will introduce delegates to cutting-edge use cases from Transport & Logistics, Health & Social Care, the Creative Industries, FinTech, Digital Infrastructure & Smart Cities and Supply Chains to explore:

  • How will Edge Computing influence business models and internal processes? What change is needed to keep ahead of the competition?
  • What challenges lie down this path, and what technologies are there which can alleviate their impact?
  • With sustainability now central to firms’ decision making, how can technologists ensure that this shift to intensive computing has - minimal impact on the planet?
  • How can a company thrive when shifting from an “X as a Product” to an “X as a Service” business model?

CFP Description

This year, we’re looking to diversify our speaker list and particularly keen to hear from women in the tech industry.

We’re interested to hear from individuals which have technology that delivers, or an application that benefits from Edge Computing in one of the following areas:

• Transport Solutions & Logistics • Health & Social Care • Digital Infrastructure & Smart Cities • Creative Industries • FinTech • Supply Chains on the Edge.

If you feel this might be something of interest, you can read more about the conference and register your interest on the event page:

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