DartUP 23.11.2019

Saint-Petersburg, Russia November 23, 2019

Tags: Backend, Web, Mobile, Flutter, Angulardart, Hardcore, Architecture, Animation

CFP closed at  November 01, 2019 18:11 UTC

DartUP is an annual, non-profit conference dedicated to the Dart language and related topics: Flutter, AngularDart and others. It is open and free for anyone. This year, our fourth edition of the conference will take place at the end of November in St. Petersburg, Russia. We are looking forward to welcoming you to amazing St. Petersburg!

CFP Description

We’re looking for experience-based talks, telling facts and stories that can’t be found in the documentation or easily googled. We do not limit the list of possible topics, although, of course, they must somehow relate to the topic of the conference. We welcome different levels of talks, from immersion in technology to the compiler’s “guts” 😎.

Thank you very much for applying, and good luck! We love you and hope to see you among our speakers in November.