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Data Day Mexico 2020

DataDayMX is a one-day conference focused on strategy, practices and tools for managing, processing and analyzing data, and then developing information and predictive products at scale.

DataDayMX has been held since 2016, and mainly espouses 3 values:

  1. Vendor neutrality: though we have sponsors, we are not dominated by a single one, and believe all voices, commercial, open source, and hybrid, should be heard.
  2. Collaboration: we put business people, scientists and engineers in the same table. The result: 16 Data Science teams formed on-site for Forbes 500 companies, 6 papers published or in the process of being published, and 10 collaborations between universities and private sector.
  3. Break the hype: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science is less about the technology and the bleeding edge model, and more about understanding and correctly shaping the context of a problem, and with it develop a fair, ethical and effective model that we can then take to production using software tools. Doing it the other way around is a recipe for “machine learning malpractice”.

Join us and +450 data professionals, engineers and academics from Mexico, UK, US and Europe in the Crowne Plaza WTC, in Mexico city on March 26th, 2020 for a full day of business solutions, machine learning models to enable them, and workshops on technology to take them to production.

See you there!

  • The DataDayMX Chair of Content

CFP Description

Data Day Mexico is the premier event for data professionals in Mexico. This is the 5th straight year we organize it and expect an audience of 400-450 data professionals.

We have 3 main tracks, for our 3 major segments of audience:

  • Data Science MBA: Sessions for business executives looking for strategy and lessons learned about formulating, leading, and fostering data science initiatives in enterprise contexts. We highly value proposals focused on specific verticals (retail, telco, media, manufacturing, etc).
  • Applied Data Science & Machine Learning: Sessions targeted at data professionals, focused on statistical sciences, machine learning cutting edge techniques and models, operations research, and computer science.
  • Big Data Engineering: Sessions targeted to software engineers focused on best practices, techniques and tools to implement code & infrastructure to support big data wrangling and training of complex and multiple models.

We will also have an extra track (Machine Learning + Human Inspiration) focused on the application of machine learning in non enterprise fields like arts, media, citizenship.

Community sessions are non-commercial. They should not be focused on promoting the offering or achievements of specific companies. If you are interested in this option, please contact so that we may provide you with information on how to have a sponsored session.

Please make sure that in your profile you include the following information about yourself: Email, current company & title; URL with information about you (personal page, linkedin, or similar); Link to previous talks you have given (slideshare, videos, etc).

Also, please use the tags to let us know which track you think your session would fit in.