DEVit Web Conference 2019 - Greece, Thessaloniki

Greece, Thessaloniki June 09, 2019, June 10, 2019
Tags: Web development, Web design, Node.jds, Mobile, Javascript, Aws cloud, Continuous integration, Web performance, Scala, Ruby on rails, Php, Nosql, Microservices,, Devops, Api

CFP closed at  March 10, 2019 00:03 UTC

Each year we meticulously vet and select remarkable speakers to deliver the best talks on web development. Whether it’s Frontend, Backend, DevOps or Mobile that you care about, join us to learn about the most modern practices and techniques. A truly 360° conference!

DEVit is the leading web developer conference in South East Europe - on June 9th and 10th in Thessaloniki, Greece. Organized once per year, DEVit has become known for its top speaking talent, a mixture of world-class and world-renowned developers, highly specialized technology niches and developers who are the edge of the technology frontiers.

The attendees of the conference are the most highly trained and most motivated web developers, representing the cream of the crop in talent South East Europe has to offer. DEVit, now in its third year, has become the defacto meeting point of all seasoned web development professionals.

CFP Description

Oh, hey there! Thank you for your interest in being a speaker in DEVit 2019 ( ), the leading web developer conference in South East Europe. Proposals should include as much detail as possible about the topic and format for the presentation. Vague and overly broad proposals don’t showcase your skills and knowledge, and our volunteer reviewers are not mind readers. The more you can tell us, the more likely the proposal will be selected.

We invite you to submit a proposal to lead conference sessions DEVit 2019 .

Topics we’re on the lookout for DEVit 2019

  • DevOps
    • AWS, GCP, Azure, API Design, Microservices, Containers, CI/CD, Infra as Code
  • Backend
    • ASP.NET, PHP7, RoR, Java, Redis, Scala, Elixir, NoSQL databases
  • Mobile
    • Firebase, Cross Platform Mobile Development, React Native, Ionic, iOS/Android
  • Frontend
    • React, Vue, Web performance, Chrome Platform APIs, Webpack, SPA, Templating, MVC
  • Design
    • Cross functional working, Prototyping, UX Research and Evaluation, UX Design, Product Design, Style Guides

*However we will review any proposal regardless its topic!

Tips for writing a good proposal for a good talk

This is a user conference, tell us why your presentation is a good fit for DEVit. Because DEVit is for and by users, product and vendor pitches are not appropriate.

  • Talk about real-world scenarios and emphasize knowledge transfer from your experiences
  • Let people know what your talk is about through a simple and topical title.
  • Provide as much detail as possible
  • Keep people in mind, let them know what they will take away from it
  • Limit the scope of your talk to what you can cover in 30 minutes
  • Diversity is important, does your presentation include a person of color, a woman, or an underrepresented group at tech • conferences?
  • Present something relevant. One of your challenges as a proposer is to demonstrate that you understand that attendees might need an extra reason to pay attention to something that they might otherwise think of as “settled”

Proposal don’ts

These items are surefire ways of not getting past the initial review.

  • Sales pitches No, just don’t. It’s acceptable to mention your company’s product during a presentation but it should never be the focus of your talk

  • Bulk submissions If your proposal reads as generic talk that has been submitted to a number of conferences, it will not pass the initial review. Granted that a talk can be a polished version of an earlier talk, but the proposal should be tailored for DEVit.

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