DevNet Create 2018 (April 10-11, 2018)

Computer History Museum - Mountain View, CA April 10, 2018
Tags: Cloud, Application development, Enterprise collaboration, Iot, Devops, Microservices, Security, Ux, Design, Mobile development, Enterprise development, Containers, Bots, Netdevops, Smart cities

CFP closed at  November 11, 2017 08:11 UTC

What is DevNet Create?

DevNet Create is the hands-on conference for developers building software for IoT, enterprises, and the Cloud using DevOps practices. Now in it’s second year, we are on the hunt for experts to explain not the why, but the how. How are difficult enterprise problems being solved? How are IoT issues like security, analytics and connectivity being tackled? How can we leverage microservices in a seamless way?

Sound like you? If so, submit! DevNet Create’s call for speakers and workshop presenters is now open in these three topic areas:

  • IoT/Mobile, Edge and Cloud Computing
  • UX/Design/Collaboration
  • DevOps/Microservices & Security

Deadline to submit is November 10, 2017

CFP Description

We are looking for the best of the best—the leaders, the ninjas (although we’ll have to see you so don’t be too hidden). See below for content formats and tracks—pick your format, pick your track, submit and you’ll be on your way.


Tech Talks
Tech Talks are 45 min presentations that explore a solution. What is the solution? Why is the solution employed and what problem does it solve? The tech talk must also include a description of how the solution was built, what tools and methodologies were employed and, finally, what is the measure of the solution’s success.

Lightning Talks
Lightning talks are 15 minute presentations that quickly introduce an idea, problem, or potential solution around one of the tracks below and then allows for an exchange of ideas and questions from the audience for 10 mins.

Each 15 minute presentation is a part of the overall conversation that will happen during a 90 minute block. There will be quick transitions between each talk so each speaker will need to be present and ready for AV setup at the beginning of the block. Each Lighting block of talks will have a host who will introduce the speakers, facilitate the conversation after each talk, and help with transitions.

Workshops are 90 minute sessions in a small group setting of 8 people. Participants are encouraged to bring their own computers and code with you during the workshop. Workshops are an excellent way to have close communication with your audience and the smaller format makes it easier for attendees to ask questions. Each accepted workshop will be run two times, once on day one and again on day two.

Tech Tracks:

IoT/Mobile, Edge and Cloud Computing -
Internet of Things problems, solutions and everything in between. How are some of the hard problems (storage, security, analytics, connectivity) being solved? Here are a few ideas:

  • Smart Cities
  • Developing for the Edge
  • Location based applications

UX/Design/Collaboration -
How are we building stuff and getting work done and what does it look like when we’re finished? How do we know what is good for the users? How do we gain efficiency in working together? Here are a few hints:

  • Bots for the Enterprise
  • Design Thinking
  • Modern Workplace

DevOps/Microservices & Security -
How do we take advantage of cloud/fog computing to make our enterprises, and their applications, more agile? How do we leverage microservices in a way that is seamless to the enterprise environment? Some sample topics can be:

  • SecDevOps
  • Serverless and Microservices solutions
  • NetDevOps