DevOpsDays Tel Aviv with Cloud Native & OSS Day & StatsCraft

Tel Aviv University - Smolarz Auditorium November 24, 2021, November 25, 2021
Tags: Devops, Cloud native, Statscraft / monitoring, Open source, Security

CFP closes at  August 31, 2021 23:59 UTC

DevOpsDays is a worldwide series of technical conferences covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. Topics often include automation, testing, security, and organizational culture.

DevOpsDays TLV is the foremost DevOps event in the Levant, running for more than 8 years, seeing 600+ hands-on DevOps practitioners, from DevOps, platform, infrastructure and production engineers, to SREs, architects, system engineers, through CTOs and VPs of Engineering over the course of two-days.

DevOpsDays Tel Aviv will be colocated this year with two additional excellent community events:

What you should think about before you submit:

There will be a single DevOps track, with an additional track daily - one for Statscraft and one for Cloud Native & OSS, so make yours as compelling as possible.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Why this talk? What makes it a must see for those attending the audience?
  • Is this talk related to the subjects the conference covers?
  • Have I proofread the content and done a grammatical review?
  • Does this content already exist online?
  • Is the topic of the talk directly related to a product or service my company offers? (Hint: If you answered yes, it probably is not the right fit.)

Please note the conference you are looking to submit for by using the relevant tag (you can tag more than one, if it can be relevant for more than one event.)

There are a lot more ignite slots than keynotes, so if your talk can be relevant as an ignite as well, feel free to make a note of this.

There are always many new tools, technologies, and ideas that are being pushed out every month - even every day. This year, we are looking to include:

  • Diversity: We embrace diversity and encourage proposals from people in underrepresented parts of our community
  • Original content: content not yet presented at other conferences, or a new angle to an existing problem
  • New presenters: people who are new to the space and have insightful stuff to say; we want to hear everybody’s voice
  • No vendor pitches: we value vendors and sponsors, but this is not the right forum

We are looking for talks in a few categories

Site Reliability Engineering

  • Security
  • Automation
  • Monitoring
  • Distributed Operations IRL - Support, communication & collaboration, follow the sun


  • Engineering management & leadership
  • Distributed and remote teams - communication / collaboration, working together
  • Culture that influences the architecture, processes, and systems
  • Anxiety and burnout
  • Hiring

Technical Talks

We will accept submissions on perennially popular technical topics from previous DevOpsDays:

  • CI/CD
  • Data engineering & management
  • Cloud & cloud native practices
  • Containers, microservices & complex modern architecture
  • System engineering primitives & fundamentals
  • Building for scale, performance, and antifragility

As always, feel free to submit any other talk you think might be relevant, whether it’s a new tool or great idea about advancing DevOps culture. We want to hear from you!


The DevOpsDays Tel Aviv Team

CFP Description

What we’re looking for

The event’s agenda will be as follows:


~/ talk formats

This year’s talk formats include:

  • TALK. 40-Minute deep dives & advanced technical talks
  • SESSIONS 25-40 Minute sessions in tracks
  • IGNITE. A 5-Minute fast-paced talk with (up to) 20 slides
  • WORKSHOPS - 120-180 Minutes hands-on learning sessions (with supporting syllabus, and code repository)

Suggested Topics

  • DEVOPSDAYS TEL AVIV covers the intersection between development and operations, with a focus on the culture, core technologies, systems, protocols & principles that are the backbone of scalable, resilient, robust, and secure systems.
  • STATSCRAFT is focused on helping engineers understand how to make monitoring easier for humans with content that dives into the tools & methods, insights on how to derive more from your data, and ensuring systems are built to empower and enable the humans behind them to have a good quality of life.
  • CLOUD NATIVE DAY TEL AVIV is the mirror image of DevOpsDays Tel Aviv, where the focus is indeed on modern cloud native tool chains, open source projects that power the cloud native world, serverless, containers, networking, service mesh and more.

~/ guidelines - The Finer Print

  • Talks may be submitted in either Hebrew or English, depending on the volume & quality of talks received, we will decide if there is enough for two tracks.
  • We are looking to be better together, so talks that combine more than one focus topic will receive priority for acceptance.
  • We welcome new and seasoned speakers, so please don’t hesitate to submit even if you are new to the stage. The moderation team will be happy to provide you with guidance and mentoring.
  • All presentations must conform to the code of conduct.
  • We want to hear all voices, including those that may speak less frequently at similar events. Whether you’re in a field not typically thought of as a technology field, in a large, traditional organization, or the only person at your organization with your background, we are interested in your unique experience.
  • No vendor pitches. We value vendors and sponsors, however we cannot accept a talk that appears to be a pitch for your product.
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