devopsdays Atlanta 2022

The Georgia Aquarium April 19, 2022, April 20, 2022
Tags: Devops, Security, Sre, Complexity, Basics

CFP closed at  December 24, 2021 21:10 UTC

devopsdays Atlanta is rising from the ashes like a phoenix for another 3-track event at the Georgia Aquarium on April 19th & 20th, 2022!

CFP Description

This year’s theme is “Back to Basics” with tracks on devOps, Security, & Complexity. All three tracks will highlight talks focused on socio-technical design centered on anthro-complexity, similar to the concepts and practices made popular by site reliability engineering (SRE).

  • How do people and technology combine to form systems larger than their parts?
  • How do these systems impact our agency and autonomy at a societal level?
  • How can we safely & effectively introduce beginners to these systems?

Maybe you’re not familiar with some of the complexity jargon in this description, and that’s OK! Your lived experiences and the narratives that describe them are likely invaluable to beginners in our community, and we’re counting on you. We can’t accept any talks that aren’t submitted, so please share your contribution with us. We look forward to seeing you at the Georgia Aquarium in January!

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