DevOps Midwest 2023 - St. Louis, MO

St Louis April 13, 2023
Tags: Aws, Azure, Gcp, Docker, Jenkins, Serverless, Cdk, Terraform, Containers, Test automation, Pipelines, Ci, Cd, Automation

CFP closed at  February 27, 2023 18:00 UTC

Software teams need to automate their processes to stay competitive. We can all agree on that. What we can’t seem to agree on is: how. That’s why Sketch Development is hosting a DevOps conference in St. Louis on April 13, 2023.

It will be a jam-packed all-day experience of hearing from professionals who have been practitioners and leaders experimenting and implementing best technical practices across various industries. But most of all, it will be a time for hands-on learning. As we gather and share knowledge and experience, everybody benefits.

CFP Description

We are looking for interactive presenters for this event. Sign up today and share your experience with us!

If you’re interested in talking about your challenges, hurdles, successes and failures in the DevOps space, we want to hear from you! The more we hear from those who have grappled with DevOps practices, the better our software becomes for our companies, and the better we become as professionals.

We prefer either 60 minute technical talks or 90 minute hands-on sessions but are open to hearing about other proposals. Our anticipated attendees will range from experienced practitioners all the way to those simply curious as to what DevOps means from a business, product, or management perspective.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for (technical presentations and/or workshops that, at a minimum, include screen-sharing of code):

Automated CI/CD pipelines

As a software developer, now that my application is in the cloud, what do I need to learn/know?

What DevOps was, what is it now, and where it is going. What’s the industry roadmap, if there is one.

Serverless and containerization technologies/practices

Automated testing

How-to or overviews of various tools

Recent successes or failures relating to DevOps

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