DockerCon 2022

Virtual May 10, 2022

CFP closed at  March 04, 2022 01:00 UTC

As the largest independent developer conference, DockerCon brings together a community of developers, contributors and partners to share, teach, and collaborate to grow the understanding and capabilities of modern application developers. DockerCon is a highly-concentrated learning experience that shows developers what’s new and what’s possible with Docker, and how to take advantage of these innovations right away to get their jobs done better and faster. Sessions are free, interactive, and are designed to flexible consumption on the day of the event and beyond.

DockerCon also brings together the companies whose platforms, tools, and services integrate tightly with Docker to deliver innovation applications efficiently. DockerCon attendees can hear from these companies; ask questions about how they integrate with Docker, learn more about their product, and evaluate the tools and technologies they will need to build apps today and tomorrow. Companies participating in DockerCon include the largest cloud platform providers, companies delivering CI/CD, Security and Developer tools to services providers who can help companies craft app development and delivery strategies.

And throughout the experience, members of the Docker community will have chances to ask questions of the experts at Docker and across the community, network with one another, and build or rekindle relationships, and even friendships among their peers.

CFP Description

DockerCon 2022 will be an interactive virtual-only event with pre-recorded keynote presentations, instructor-led workshops, interesting demos, panel discussions, one on one interviews, live entertainment, and of course, networking opportunities for the community.

Accepted sessions will be pre-recorded and streamed during the event. Speakers will be able to chat with their audience while their pre-recorded session is broadcast, and they will be available to answer questions in real-time

We invite paper with abstract submissions for new and original workshops or demonstration presentations on the following conference themes:

  • Getting Started/How to: How to get started with Docker for application development, particularly for JavaScript, Python, Java, or TypeScript apps. Getting started with local app development using Docker Compose or Kubernetes for a specific types of app, including web front-ends, back-end services, AI/ML, data analytics, event streaming, and IoT / embedded.

  • Modernizing Monoliths: Best practices modernizing existing monolithic ASP.NET or J2EE apps using Docker.

  • Dev Team Productivity: Best practices and case studies for boosting development team productivity. Local-cloud hybrid development patterns. Docker Development Environments in practice.

  • Securing the Software Supply Chain: Application build pipeline best practices; shifting security concerns left to developers; case studies using Docker Official Images.
  • The Bleeding Edge: Emerging new app types or patterns using Docker including serverless / FaaS, WASM, and blockchain / web3.

  • Black Belt & Cool Hacks: We expect these sessions to be code heavy, demo-driven, advanced technical deep dives. From Docker internals to advanced container management, security and networking, this track should delight most container ninjas!

Important Dates

  • Paper and Abstract Submission Deadline: Thursday, March 3rd 2022 at 5pm PST
  • Speaker Notification of Acceptance: Tuesday, March 22nd 2022
  • Final pre-recorded videos deadline: Friday, April 18th, 2022
  • DockerCon 2022, Tuesday, May 10th

Submission Guidelines

Please ensure your presentations’ title is clearly stated, and is partnered with a focused abstract. We strongly suggest you include in your submission any desired learning outcomes from the audience. Questions may be submitted directly through PaperCall once your paper has been uploaded. Please ensure your PaperCall information is accurate and up to date. Submission deadline is March 3rd at 5:00pm PST.

We strongly recommend you connect your presentation to the learner by supporting it with supplemental materials such as awesome-compose, GitHub repos, and/ or Docker Dev Environments. During the review process, we will prioritize those submissions that have these supporting materials or, at a minimum, a framework for these supporting materials.

Review Process

All papers are committee reviewed by Docker staff, including engineers, and Docker Captains. Submissions are not anonymous. Special consideration will be given to new presenters, underrepresented members of the community, and papers with social impact content. Our reviewing process and reviews are not open to the public.

DockerCon 2022 is placing importance on a high quality pre-recorded video experience for our attendees, therefore, if you are selected to be a presenter of a workshop or demo, you will be sent additional instructions and assistance for recording your video. Pre-recorded video deadline is Friday, April 8th, 2022.

DockerCon is an inclusive online event. Diversity and inclusion make the Docker community strong. We encourage participation from the most varied and diverse backgrounds possible and want to be very clear about where we stand. We will not accept discrimination of any kind in submitted content.

Speaker FAQ

Will the talks be live or pre-recorded? All workshops and demonstrations will be pre-recorded and played at a specific time in the program. Attendees will be able to interact with speakers live in the chat rooms and receive direct responses in real time.

What do I need to submit with my presentation? If you are planning a demo, talk with slides or tutorial, please submit an abstract AND any supplemental dev environments such as awesome-compose, GitHub repos, or other materials.

What is the format of the sessions? 25 minute talks can be in the following formats:

Tutorial - We suggest an instructor-led style or tutorial format including a supporting slide presentation. ex “How to…” Your presentation should be 25 minutes long.

Demos/ Hacks - We recommend you center your demo around a realistic user, solving a real problem. Please add a short introduction explaining what product area that your demo is about, and who will be running the demo. Please keep your demo short and simple at 25 minutes.

Talk with slides - Your talk can be a speech with supporting slides and may include a short demonstration.

Will I be able to interact with the community and answer questions? Yes, in addition to interactive talks, we will also have community rooms for answering additional questions.

What equipment will I need to record my talk? If your presentation is selected, you will be sent additional instructions and guidance for making an exceptional video presentation. Ideally you have a laptop, HD digital camera, or newer smartphone with strong wifi and appropriate lighting and room settings. If needed, you may also use video editing software.

Can I submit more than one talk? Yes, we encourage you to submit original presentations using the formats as previously mentioned, and the content we have outlined in this CFP.

Can I have a co-presenter? Yes, you may have up to two speakers. If selected, we will need titles and a short bio for both speakers.

I’ve never given a talk before, do you accept first time speakers? Yes, we accept first-time presenters, and encourage new speaker participants. If it is your first time we strongly recommend you rehearse the presentation as often as needed for a professional corporate presentation.

How long are talks? We are providing a limit of 25 mins for your presentation

What is the Deadline for Submitting? Final Deadline for submitting your abstract to for DockerCon 2022 is Thursday March 3rd 2022 at 5:00pm PST. Papers submitted after that date will not be accepted.