DockerCon LIVE 2021

Virtual Event May 27, 2021

CFP closed at  April 02, 2021 06:59 UTC

DockerCon brings together the entire community of Docker developers, contributors and partners to share, teach, and collaborate to grow the understanding and capabilities of modern application developers. DockerCon is a highly-concentrated learning experience that shows developers what’s new and what’s possible with Docker, and how to take advantage of these innovations right away to get their jobs done better and faster. Sessions are free, interactive, and are designed to flexible consumption on the day of the event and beyond.

DockerCon also brings together the companies whose platforms, tools, and services integrate tightly with Docker to deliver innovation applications efficiently. DockerCon attendees can hear from these companies; ask questions about how they integrate with Docker, learn more about their product, and evaluate the tools and technologies they will need to build apps today and tomorrow. Companies participating in DockerCon include the largest cloud platform providers, companies delivering CI/CD, Security and Developer tools to services providers who can help companies craft app development and delivery strategies.

For developers new to Docker or who want to grow their skills in a new area, pre-day instructor-led workshops will deliver hands-on training focused on getting started with Docker or a number of core learning areas for a deeper learning experience. And throughout the experience, members of the Docker community will have chances to ask questions of the experts at Docker and across the community, network with one another, and build or rekindle relationships, and even friendships among their peers.

CFP Description

DockerCon LIVE will be 100% virtual. To allow for conversation and ensure a stress-free delivery for the speaker, session talks will be pre-recorded and played at a specific time during the conference. Speakers will be able to chat with their audience while their recorded session is broadcast and be available to answer questions in real-time. We are excited about this format, and hope that it creates a great experience for speakers (new and seasoned) and attendees alike.

The theme of this year’s DockerCon is developer team collaboration in the new remote-first world.

Before submitting a talk proposal, please make sure that your topic falls under one or several of the following thematic buckets:

  • Team Collaboration
    • Configuring and managing teams in Docker Hub; Configuring and sharing local development environments;
  • Secure Development
    • Security Best practices; Shifting security concerns left; Finding and fixing vulnerabilities;
  • Best Practices
    • Dockerfiles and build best practices; Setting up local development environments;
  • Case Studies / Lessons Learned
    • Lessons learned when starting with Docker toolchain; Case studies around streamlining and delivering features faster; Lessons learned as you matured your SDLC and Docker;
  • Contributing to Docker
    • How to get started contributing; Understanding Open Source Software and how Docker is developed;
  • App Modernization and Migration
    • Best practices in refactoring monolithic applications to Cloud first using Docker; Moving your applications to the cloud;