Salt Lake City, Utah May 06, 2022


CFP closes at  March 07, 2022 06:59 UTC

EMPEX is back (!) and we’re looking for speakers for this year’s EMPEX MTN conference, hosted in Salt Lake City.

What is EMPEX?

EMPEX is a series of conferences that started in 2016 in NYC, expanded to LA, and is now in Salt Lake City. The ethos of EMPEX is to deliver amazing technical talks, in intimate venues, over a single day of talks that leave you feeling inspired. We do all of that with a flair and finesse that will make you wonder why you go to any other programming conferences.

CFP Description

The focus for this newly minted conference will be on technical topics that are interesting to the Elixir programming community. That can include, but doesn’t have to be limited to:

  • Type systems, or functional programming constructs
  • Gleam, Clojuerl, or other BEAM languages
  • Elixir or Erlang in production stories
  • Doing whacky things with Elixir (drum machines! emulators!)
  • Turning something inside out and showing us how it works (e.g. the BEAM!)
  • Systems design and architecture walkthroughs

Again, the above is just a guide. We’re really interested in hearing whatever it is that you think would suit this audience. If it’s helpful, some of our favorite talks from the past installments have been (to name a few!):

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