New York City June 09, 2023


CFP closed at  April 15, 2023 08:08 UTC

We are excited to announce Empex NYC 2023, held in Brooklyn for the first time ever! EMPEX is a series of conferences that started in 2016 in NYC and expanded to LA and Salt Lake City. The ethos of EMPEX is to deliver amazing technical talks, in intimate venues, over a single day of talks that leave you feeling inspired. We do all of that with a flair and finesse that will make you wonder why you go to any other programming conferences.

CFP Description

We invite you to submit proposals for technical talks that will engage and inspire the growing BEAM community. The conference will focus on the following areas of interest, but is not limited to:

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on the BEAM, including integrations of libraries such as Nx, Axon, Bumblebee, and evision
  • Designing, operating, and deploying distributed systems
  • Real-world production stories using BEAM technologies
  • Creative or innovative uses of Elixir (e.g. music composition, embedded devices, art generation)
  • Growth and adoption of BEAM languages, and their impact on the greater developer community
  • Innovations in the functional programming world beyond the BEAM

The goal of this conference is to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences and to foster the growth of the Elixir community. We encourage you to submit proposals that align with the conference themes and showcase your expertise in the field.

Inspiration can be found in some of our favorite past talks, such as:

Submit your proposals by April 15th. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and creating an unforgettable conference experience together.