CFP closed at  December 09, 2018 12:12 UTC

Welcome to the call-for-papers for GopherCon Israel!

GopherCon Israel 2019 is the first GopherCon to be held in Israel. The conference will be held on February in the greater Tel-Aviv area. We are expecting approximately 250 people to attend the event.

CFP Description

Thanks for submitting a talk to GopherCon Israel 2019!

There will be two kinds of talks at the conference: - A long talk - 40 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A - A short talk - 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A

There will be just one track in the conference, talks will be held in one room in front of all the participants.

Our main selection criteria:

  • Content: Your CFP should be relevant to most participants and not be a niche (this is not mandatory, some niche stuff can be really cool 😎).
  • Originality: We will prefer original content that has not yet presented at other conferences or a new angle to an existing problem.
  • No-vendor pitches*: As much as we value vendors and sponsors, we don’t think this is the right forum. You can demo at your table or during Open Space.


  • Be Informative. We can’t read minds (a description of about 20 lines is about right)
  • Details are good, but not as important as explaining why your proposal would be interesting…
  • Propose your own talk. Don’t have someone else do it for you.
  • Nominations are welcome! if you know someone that will be a good speaker at the conference- please share it with them 🤪
  • Multiple proposals welcome… just make sure follow the rules