GraphConnect 2020

New York, NY April 20, 2020, April 21, 2020, April 22, 2020

CFP closed at  December 20, 2019 08:00 UTC


From facilitating cutting-edge research, to enabling the next generation of business applications that require real-time queries of connected data, graph technologies are changing the way we innovate. GraphConnect is the premier conference to hear and share these stories of innovation.

GraphConnect 2020 will be held April 20th, 21st and 22nd at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Sessions submitted through the CFP will be held on either the 21st and 22nd.

Who Attends?

GraphConnect draws graph enthusiasts from a wide array of roles, industries and locales. You’ll have the opportunity to share your story with hundreds of developers, software engineers, data scientists and business executives from all over the globe.

CFP Description

  • Please note, the first deadline for GraphConnect 2020 was November 15th. We are keeping the portal open as we make our agenda selections and will close the portal once we have a full agenda.

Share Your Graph Story

Note: If you have multiple talk ideas, please submit them as separate responses to the CFP.

Topics we’re looking for (think of these as inspirations, not limitations!):

  • Digital Transformation with Graphs

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Knowledge Graphs

  • Design Thinking

  • Graphs at Scale

  • Sustainability

  • Integrations: API integration, GraphQL, polyglot best practices, etc.

Types of talks we’re looking for:

  • Developer Best Practices: Lessons learned from the front lines of Neo4j production deployments. Share your knowledge, experience and code with other developers so we can all learn together.

  • Business Case Studies: How did graph technology transform your business model or bottom line? How did you get sign-off from decision makers? How has the change impacted your operations?

  • Technical Case Studies: You had a problem, and you solved it. Show us how you did it! Walk us through your design thinking. Show us your stack. How does graph tech fit in, and why was it the best solution?

We Welcome Everyone

Are you a first-time speaker? We’ll help you prepare for your talk by providing guidance on content as well as rehearsals to help with speaking style. We may even be able to set you up to talk at a local meetup to build your confidence.

Are you a seasoned public speaker? Be sure to let us know. We can also provide help fine-tuning content and speaking style if you desire.

Get Inspired

You can watch videos of past talks at