GraphQL Asia

Bangalore April 12, 2019, April 13, 2019
Tags: Graphql

CFP closed at  February 04, 2019 23:02 UTC

GraphQL Asia is going to be the first Asian GraphQL conference, with 2 full days of everything GraphQL.

Location: Bangalore, India Date: April 12-13, 2019

GraphQL Asia is organised by Hasura and BrikL in Bangalore, India. The conference aims to connect and bring together Asia’s GraphQL community for the very first time.

Brace yourself for exciting talks and fantastic workshops from GraphQL practitioners from across the world, and a chance to meet and greet the rest of the Asian GraphQL community.

You can also propose a talk at the event. Our CFPs are now open. Diversity is a core value of GraphQL Asia, and we highly encourage everyone to submit a talk. Newcomers are just as welcome as veterans!

We know public speaking can be difficult, but we promise we’ll do our best to make sure you are well-prepared and ready to deliver an amazing talk.

CFP Description

GraphQL and the GraphQL ecosystem are rapidly growing. More and more companies are adopting GraphQL and new tooling is emerging every day. Any topic around GraphQL adoption and GraphQL tooling would be a great fit for the conference.

Here are a few sample topics :

  • Use cases with GraphQL in your company such as your migration/adoption story, and your technology stack and choices.
  • How GraphQL affects team workflows and processes
  • Best Practices around GraphQL implementation
  • Client-side frameworks, tools and implementation
  • Server-side frameworks, tools and implementation
  • Other tooling around GraphQL
  • Thoughts on the future of GraphQL

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list! Feel free to submit proposals around other GraphQL related topics that you believe can be of value.

Talk format & duration:

Regular talks: 30 min

Lightning talks: 8 min