Conf42: Indie GameDev

Worldwide November 05, 2020
Tags: Gamedev, Indie

CFP closes at  October 01, 2020 23:59 UTC

Hi, I’m Mark, the main organizer behind Conf42. I’m not only a Computer Science passionate, but also a gamer! :-) Over the past few years, I’ve seen a big load of excellent independent games developped by small studios. They bring a breathe of fresh air, they shock, they introduce new mechanics, but most importantly - they are made out of true passion, not corporate excel analysis. The Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, Fez, Hotline Miami, Limbo, Darkest Dungeon, Cuphead, Spelunky, Dead Cells… the list could go on and on!

Conf42: Indie GameDev serves a simple purpose - highlighting your game projects!

CFP Description

Can your game be presented on the event?

All submissions matching the criteria below will be taken into account.

Criteria and format: - The presentation can go from 30’ to 90’ in length - Presented game can be developped solo or in a small team (≥10 people) - Focus not only on game development itself, but also on your personal story and economical aspect of the development - All gaming platforms available (including mobile and handheld gaming, as well as older platforms) - All genres and artstyles are accepted - The release date doesn’t matter, it can be a game that you have finished a few years ago, an early access project or a game that is yet to be announced - The completion of the game development is not mandatory, but we would like you to include some gameplay in your presentation - It can be a full-fleshed successful Indie game done by a small studio, as well as a passion/school project you made //or are still developping with your friends/school colleagues - The game can be presented either solo or by the entire team

As we don’t want you to take any risk regarding the Covid outbreak, this conference is entirely online, as a series of pre-recorded videos published on our website on the due date. The recommended format for your video will be your face-cam + presentation + gameplay recorded with OBS (free broadcasting software). While the quality of the face-cam image doesn’t really matter, the sound is very important for the audience. Please make sure that you have a functional microphone (the one in your headset would do just fine) before your submission. This part could sound a bit complicated. No worries, I got you covered! After the CFP closes, I will provide you with a tutorial on how to set everything up for the recording!

The videos will be published as an unlisted YouTube playlist on November 5 2020, available for speakers and registered attendees of the conference (the registration is free, we use this system only to grow our community). Those will be posted on the website for everyone to see two weeks later, on November 19 2020.

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