iOS Conf SG - 2017, Singapore

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iOS Conf SG - 2017 will take place in Singapore on 19th and 20th of October 2017. This is the third edition of #iOSConfSG

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iOS Conf SG is a two-day, single track conference. If you have something great to share with iOS and Swift developers then iOS Conf SG is a best place to showcase your ideas, knowledge and skills.

CFP Description


General Rules

It is strictly forbidden to advertise products / services of any company during your talk. It is possibile to mention products / services only by way of example or if commonly considered mainstream (like Google, Facebook, Red Hat, etc.). It is also allowed to quote your own company within 1 minute of introduction, to talk about yourself and your professional background.

We do not consider any sponsored talks.

Type of Submission

You may submit proposals for any of these talks:

  • Talk (Time limit: ~30-40 mins)
  • Lightning talks (Time Limit: ~5-10 mins)


We are looking for proposals in these areas (you may choose topics of your choice beyond these areas):

  • Swift / iOS development methodologies, best practices, design patterns and tools

If you are submitting a CFP for the first time, please refer to this excellent post from Gopher Acadamy to get some tips.