iOS Conf SG - 2023 (Hybrid Edition) | Singapore (With Limited Capacity) + Zoom (Anywhere)

Singapore (With Limited Capacity) + Zoom (Anywhere) January 16, 2023, January 17, 2023, January 18, 2023
Tags: Ios, Swift, Swiftui, Xcode, App development

CFP closes at  August 15, 2022 20:51 UTC

iOS Conf SG, the largest iOS conference in South East Asia, is happening from the 16th to the 18th of January 2023. iOS Conf SG got awarded the highly commended conference by the Swift Community.

We are committed to featuring high-quality speakers and topics on iOS SDK, tools, and Swift programming. Our goal is to enable participants with practical knowledge that they can use every day while building iOS applications.

Check our videos of previous years here

The event in 2023 will most likely be a hybrid event. We intend to keep it smaller this time with 2 to 3 days maximum. The dates mentioned above are tentative. However, we want to have the event on the week of 16th January. (A week before Chinese New Year holidays)

CFP Description


We welcome speakers worldwide who are keen to share their experience and knowledge with 200+ attendees.

iOS Conf SG is a paid conference. We appreciate and respect the time and money of our attendees. Hence, we prefer speakers who have spoken at other conferences before.

However, if you have spoken at a developer meetup and are confident to talk and share your experience in front of a larger audience, we will be more than happy to talk to you.

General Rules

It is strictly forbidden to advertise products/services of any company during your talk. It is possible to mention products/services only through examples or commonly considered mainstream apps (like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.). However, you are allowed to quote your own company within 1 minute of the introduction to talk about yourself and your professional background.

We do not consider any sponsored talks. To give everyone a fair chance, we are requesting a maximum of 2 proposals per speaker.

Type of Submission

You may submit proposals for any of these talks. Speakers will receive the following remuneration:

  • Workshop (Half-day) - We’ll pay you S$2,000 (Singapore Dollars). An invoice is required to pay the money.
  • Talk (Time limit: 30-mins) - We’ll pay you 150 USD Amazon Vouchers. If you prefer to receive cash, we will need an invoice.
  • Lightning Talk - We’ll pay you 50 USD Amazon Vouchers. Since the amount is small, we prefer only to give vouchers.


We are looking for proposals in these areas (you may choose topics of your choice beyond these areas):

Swift / SwiftUI / iOS development methodologies, best practices, design patterns, and tools

We do not accept any non-programming topics, and we do not accept topics on React Native or other cross-platform tools.

If this is your first time submitting a CFP, please refer to this excellent post from Gopher Academy to get some tips.

Practical usage of a topic is one of our primary criteria while selecting a proposal. We usually do not accept topics where we fail to see a practical use case.

Example of some talks that participants well received

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