JakartaOne Livestream 2020

Virtual Event December 08, 2020

Tags: Cloudnative, Jakartaee, Microprofile, Javaee, Java

CFP closed at  October 01, 2020 15:18 UTC

JakartaOne Livestream virtual conference is to showcase Cloud Native Java, MicroProfile, and Jakarta EE / Java EE technologies, including specific profiles, and to highlight the technical benefits of the technology. This one-day virtual conference is an opportunity for the Java community, developers, and architects to share best practices, technical talks, user experiences, use cases, innovations and discuss the future of Jakarta EE.

CFP Description

You are now invited to submit your talk and have the opportunity to share your work with the industry peers!

Show the world how you or your organization is using Jakarta EE technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions. Showcase exciting new features coming to the platform, or demonstrate how Jakarta EE and Java EE features can be used today to develop cloud-native solutions. The objective of JakartaOne LiveStream is to showcase Cloud Native Open Source Java initiatives using Jakarta EE, Java EE, and MicroProfile technologies. A limited number of sessions will be accepted from the CFP, as this is a one-day online event.