CFP closed at  December 28, 2020 23:30 UTC

JavaDay Lviv is an annual international conference related to Java technologies and eco-system. Propose more than 18 global speakers – well-known Java professionals from the different countries around the globe. The conference agenda will include trends, hypes and cutting-edge technologies, such as Full-stack Java, JVM Languages, Serverless, Machine Learning, Data Science and much more.

CFP Description


Dear speaker, this event will take a place in Lviv, Ukraine. Lviv is located on west side of Ukraine and it is a culture capital of Ukraine. If it will be your first time in Lviv - you will love it.

We are very happy to know that you are going to submit your talk to us. We will do our best to be as fast as we can with submission review and will contact you with our decision result as soon as possible.

In this section you can get useful information about out event to select most suitable talk.

Online Talk

This type of talk is not a typical online format where the speaker gives a talk through the call and doesn’t have any feedback. We call it “Advanced Online” talk, and it means that we will have the next setup: - Speaker gives a talk trough the call and on this call, the speaker sees the Event moderator and Audience that will be health on a single location by one of our partners “CoffeeJUG”. It means that the speaker will have a feeling of a real audience. - After the talk out moderator will allow people who watched this talk online - ask questions using their mic and the speaker will be able to answer the question directly. Also, offline listeners on CoffeeJUG will have another moderator who will allow people from the audience to ask questions directly and receive answers.

Offline Talk

This type of event will be held according to the COVID-19 restrictions that we will have in February 2021 in Lviv, Ukraine. According to this, we will conduct an offline event with a limited amount of people, 1 stream, and only 6 speakers. This is an initial agreement and we hope that if it will be changed then only into the positive side.


Lviv, also, is a capital of Ukrainian IT industry. We proud of it. On this event we expect to have about 250-300 participants who mostly work with Java technologies and JVM-based eco-system.

Level of our participants will be different. So please, add more information about your talk complexity (for all, for beginner, for intermediate or for experts).


We would be a super happy to see your submission in scope of one of the next topics :

  • Architecture & Security
  • JVM Languages
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure
  • Server Side
  • Big Data & Data Mining