JavaScript and Friends Developer Community Meetups

Online December 10, 2019
Tags: Javascript, Angular, Vuejs, React, Svelte, Nodejs, Other

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Fill in your details if you would like to speak at our online remote meetups for 2020. We usually meet from 6.30 PM US EST hours till 8.00 PM US EST.

Angular Online Meetup - Third Wednesday of the month

Vue JS In Person Meetup - Fourth Wednesday of the month. Speakers can be remote or attend in-person.

ReactJs Online Meetup - Second Monday of the month

Other topics - Based on talk details , we will work with you to schedule the dates as per your preference. Share your details , one of the member from our team will reach out to you to confirm the talk and other logistics details. Speakers will have rights to their content which we record and publish through our social media platforms.

We are looking for content which are beginner friendly and would introduce new concepts and ideas to experienced professionals.

You can also submit your details here -

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