JSGameDev Summit

Online September 28, 2023, September 29, 2023


CFP closed at  August 01, 2023 23:59 UTC

Here we go again - the #JSGameDevSummit will be held on September 28-29, 2023.

See the latest updates from graphics engine crews, game dev case studies, best practices etc. We’ve added a lot of new & interesting topics, such as WebGL, WebGPU, Canvas, Graphics Engines, Performance, Multiplayer Gaming, Best Practices & Know Hows, Games Marketing, Game Design, VR / AR.

CFP Description

Would you like to speak in front of the global developer community? Share your experiences with thousands of international attendees, open source contributors and big companies joining JS GameDev Summit 2023.

We’re setting up 1 day of talks and 1 day of discussions. We’re open to a broad variety of talks targeting engineers, technical artists, creative developers who develop games and graphics heavy application with Web technology.

The topic of the submitted talk should cover JS GameDev best practices and technologies around it, including fields like: - WebGL, WebGPU and canvas - Graphics Engines - Performance - Multiplayer gaming - Best Practices & Know hows - Games marketing - Game Design - VR / AR - Blockchain & etc

Talk length – 20 min. The talks will be pre-recorded and followed by a live Q&A. Feel free to submit multiple talk proposals if you have a few ideas to share!

The CFP form will be open until August 1, 2023 after which our committee will analyze all the submissions and finalize the schedule. Please mind that all submissions are subject to the selection process. Every submission is carefully considered but just submitting a talk doesn’t mean it will be automatically accepted. Our team retains complete control over the content and direction of the event.


If you buy a conference ticket and later get selected as a speaker, your ticket will be refunded.

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