CFP closed at  July 30, 2017 18:30 UTC

We value your session proposals and would like to see content around:

  • Java Language
  • Server Side Java
  • Web Framework
  • JVM Programming Languages
  • Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Modern Web Application
  • Microservices
  • Design Patterns
  • Architecture
  • JVM Performance Tuning
  • Clean Code
  • Unit Testing

CFP Description

Java User Group Bangladesh (JUGBD) is a volunteer organization that strives to distribute Java-related knowledge. We provide a meeting place for the group to get information, share resources, and solutions, increase networking, expands Java technology expertise and above all, drink coke, eat pizza and have fun.

We have arranged a number of successful meetups in the past and they were attended by many programmers and would-be programmers with interest in Java.

We have a few more events in the pipeline and we are looking for speakers. If you are interested in being a speaker of any of the upcoming meetup, please fill up the form.


  • The topic must relate to Java only and related Java spheres.

  • We may not call you immediately. However, we are having regular meetup nowadays, so, if you don’t get a call for the immediate one, don’t worry, there is a high chance that you may get called for next one.

  • This is going to be a solely voluntary effort, so there would be no honorarium involved.

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