Kubernetes Community Day Quebec / Journée de la Communauté Kubernetes de Québec

Québec, QC Canada October 15, 2020

Tags: Cncf, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio, Knative, Helm, Ci/cd, Falco, Rook, Vitess, Argo, Opa

CFP closed at  July 15, 2020 23:00 UTC

We’re super excited to announce the first Quebec City Kubernetes Community Days(KCD) happening in 2020! A community-led, official CNCF one-day conference aimed to bring over 200 DevOps, developers, SREs, architects, product managers, CXOs, students, and awesome international speakers together under one roof to learn, network, and collaborate around Cloud Native technologies.

We pride ourselves on striking a nice blend of local, regional, and international presenters and attendees.

Please see our KCD Quebec 2019 event page for information about dates, location and featured speakers.

CFP Description

CFP is open!

We are looking for your proposal and talks on various topics around the Kubernetes and Cloud-Native ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  • Kubernetes User Stories and Business Case Studies
  • CNCF projects
  • Application development
  • Machine learning (MLOps)
  • Service Mesh
  • CI/CD, DevOps, Automation
  • Observability
  • Serverless
  • Security (DevSecOps)

Technical talks, Lightning talks, demos, and workshop proposals are all welcome!

Consider the Following as You Write Your Proposal:

  • What do you expect the audience to gain from your presentation?
  • Why should YOU be the one to give this talk? You have a unique story. Tell it.
  • Be prepared to explain how this fits into Kubernetes Community Days and overall Open Source Ecosystem.
  • We definitely do not expect every presentation to have code snippets and technical deep-dives, however, there are two things that you should avoid:
    • Sales or Marketing Pitches
    • Unlicensed or Potentially Closed-Source Technologies

There are plenty of ways to give a presentation about initiatives and technologies without focusing on company-specific efforts. Remember the things to consider that we mentioned above when writing your proposal and think of ways to make it interesting for attendees while still letting you share your experiences, educate the community about an issue, or generate interest in a project.

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