Limerick DotNet-Azure User Group (LDNA)

Limerick, Ireland January 14, 2019, February 18, 2019, March 18, 2019
Tags: .net, Azure, Meetup

CFP closed at  December 31, 2019 23:12 UTC

This is a monthly community meetup for everyone interested in Microsoft .NET and Azure cloud platform in Limerick. All skill levels are welcome. We are committed to help you learn and share things about .Net and Azure Cloud. Our community brings all students, enthusiasts, experts and professionals working in and around Limerick . We are looking forward to meet you all and explore .NET and Azure platform. It will be a fun journey for all. Come, Join Us!

CFP Description

We are interested on topics of interested to professionals working on .Net and/or Azure Platforms, mainly from a developer perspective but not only. We had talks regarding development technologies but also professional growth, DevOps or security. Talks can span from 1 to 2 hours, including breaks.

If you want but have no idea where to start, here are some hypothetical titles we fancied for our community:

  • Automated testing of
  • What’s new in .Net Core 2.2
  • Hands-on Azure Function and why serverless is cool
  • How to demo features to your PO
  • Database deployment pains
  • Some people, when confronted with a performance problem, think “I know, I’ll add a cache.” Now they have two problems. (cit.)
  • Web assembly is opening a plethora of interesting options
  • Blockchain fundamentals in C#
  • Microsoft loves Open Source, is it a joke?
  • How to submit your first PR in GitHub
  • One platform to rule all smartphones: is Xamarin(g) the solution?
  • Test Driven Development in a night
  • Can NoSQL replace traditional RDBMs?
  • SQL Server 2019 is no more your granma database engine
  • A comparison of queueing system: MSMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Azure Service Bus, ZeroMQ and more
  • NoSQL showdown: MongoDB, CosmoDB, Redis, Couchbase, DynamoDB, RavenDB
  • Introduction to CQS, CQRS and Event Sourcing in .Net
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Comparison of testing frameworks: NUnit, MSTest, xUnit, MSTest v2, TypeMock, RhinoMocks, nMock, …
  • Resharper, Beyond Compare, TypeMock, are they worth the money?
  • Lucene, ElasticSearch and you
  • Traps of EntityFramework
  • Powershell for developers
  • Application Insights
  • Coding for Operations
  • Logging naïveté: how to stop sleeping at night
  • How is the state of Windows Client Apps? UWP vs Win32
  • Should I care about Linux as a .Net developer?

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