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LvivJS - conference organized within independent Ukrainian movement of Front-end Developers - Lviv JavaScript community. The first CityJS conference took place in Kyiv, November 2012, and gathered more than 350 participants. After the successful start of CityJS conferences in Kyiv, it was decided to organize the same format conferences in regions. Lviv becomes the second city after Kharkiv were regional conference was organized. In 2017 we gathered more than 400 participants at FestRepublic space to share experience and knowledge. This year it will be sixth LvivJS conference.

CFP Description

Dear speakers, colleagues & web developers!

The CityJS JavaScript Conference is a chance for developers to discuss the latest technologies from vanilla JavaScript / ECMAScript to Angular, React, Vuejs, Node.js, Performance, Security and everything else that matters for web & cross-platform development.

Submit your proposals now. The LvivJS are dedicated to hearing from a diverse group of programmers, professionals, and enthusiasts. We’re looking forward to read your proposals!

We like to see anything that squarely fits into the spectrum of:

  • Cutting-edge technological advances in the world of JavaScript or computer science in general, if somehow applicable to JavaScript
  • Wild Ideas & Clever Hacks
  • Improving JavaScript developers’ lives
  • JavaScript/ECMAScript latest features and their usage
  • Mobile JS
  • Server Side with Node.js
  • Embedded and Hardware JS
  • Test & Security
  • Fundamentals, in a modern light
  • The JavaScript community, culture, history, past, present & future, the why the who and the what of what we’re all doing
  • JavaScript Frameworks and how to make a huge projects with it
  • And finally: Whatever the hell you want; this is your conference

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact at

PS: if you would like to sponsor the conference, get in touch with us at

Best, LvivJS Team

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