Manchester Web Meetup

Manchester, United Kingdom February 20, 2019, March 20, 2019, April 17, 2019, May 22, 2019, June 19, 2019
Tags: Javascript, Typescript, React, Redux, Node.js,, .net core, Java, Aws, Accessibility, Html, Css, Web perf, Performance

CFP closes at  May 31, 2021 23:05 UTC

Manchester Web Meetup is a group of web developers who are passionate about sharing knowledge and promoting best practices. On the second-to-last Wednesday of each month, we will present 2-3 speakers who will discuss topics covering all things web, such as:


• CSS (including Sass, PostCSS, CSS-in-JS etc.)

• JavaScript

• Programming Paradigms (e.g. functional programming, composition etc.)

• Frontend Libraries and Frameworks (e.g. React, Vue, Angular, Ember etc.)

• Tooling (e.g. Webpack, Rollup, Browserify, Babel, Prettier, ESLint etc.)

• Server-side technologies (e.g. Node.js, .NET Core, WebSockets, HTTP/2 etc.)

• WebAssembly

• Performance

• Web Standards

• Accessibility

This meetup is open to absolutely anyone, regardless of whether one is a professional or beginner; all that matters is having a keen interest and being an ardent believer of sharing knowledge.

CFP Description

We are predominantly looking for talks on the subjects listed in our event’s description, but are otherwise open-minded; as long as your talk somehow pertains to web development, we’re all ears! 😊

We upload all of our talks to our YLD Tech Talks YouTube channel, so this will allow your ideas to be propogated well beyond the Mancunian web dev community.

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