Mobile Hacking Space at Ekoparty

Buenos Aires, Argentina September 24, 2020, September 25, 2020, September 26, 2020
Tags: Android, Ios, Pentesting, Tool, Appsec, Reversing, Malware

CFP closed at  August 21, 2020 22:00 UTC

Join us at the Mobile Hacking Space!

The Mobile Hacking Space is a place for mobile hacking talks, CTFs, and workshops at Ekoparty, one the biggest Information Security conferences in Latin America!

The event will take place virtually and live from September 24 to 26.

For more information, check our Twitter account, Discord or Telegram communities!

CFP Description


All talks on mobile security are welcome! Technical talks on malware analysis, pentesting, exploit writing, app security, reversing, tool reviews, static and dynamic analysis are the kind of talks that will be prioritized.

Our audience varies from beginners to mobile security professionals! So don’t be afraid your talk might be too simple!


CFP will remain open until August 21.
Notification to speakers will take place between August 21 and September 1.


We accept talk and workshop proposals both in Spanish and English.

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