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MobileOptimized is one of the oldest mobile development events in Belarus organized by SPACE Production in cooperation with technology communities: GDG Minsk & CocoaHeads Belarus.

1 day, 2 tracks.

The 9th MO conference will take place on October 19, in Minsk, Belarus.

The main purpose of MO is to sharpen developers’ skills in order to make it easier for them to uncover all new trends in mobile development. We are working to create a fruitful network to discuss the most interesting cases in mobile development.

We would love to see relevant technical cutting edge topics with fresh and immersive content on Android/iOS development, mobile design and business as well as interactive workshops where you can learn by doing. MO will also host its traditional keynote section to bring experts and their vision on the mobile industry.

    Please find in a below section more precise information as per tracks topics but in general perspective, we’re looking for the following ones:
  • Platform new features and frameworks
  • Best practices in development/testing process
  • Engineering team process automation & tooling
  • Machine learning with mobile/nature-inspired techniques
  • Security and privacy
  • Performance aspects and common challenges
  • IoT and their applications

We believe that the diversity of speakers and topics will make our event better.

Videos of talks and photos from previous years:

CFP Description

At MobileOptimized we are looking for the following content types: talks, keynote talks, workshops.

Your proposals should include as many details as possible about the topic and format for the presentation. Vague and overly broad proposals don’t showcase your skills and knowledge. The more you can tell us, the more likely the proposal will be selected.

The audience - 300+ Android & iOS developers (all levels, but mostly mid-senior developers).

We will be glad to consider your submission on one of the topics below. If you want to talk about something different but still relevant to the conference primary subject, feel free to submit your talk.

    The expected topics at Android track:
  • Architecture / Modularization / Libraries
  • Performance / Code Quality / Code Design / Best practices in performance and coding
  • Design / UI / UX / Animations
  • Security
  • Android Internals / ART / R8, D8 / GC
  • CI&CD / Gradle / Buck / Bazel etc.
  • Architecture Components / Compose / Navigation etc.
    The expected topics at iOS track:
  • Designing and architecting complex systems that scale easily. Common challenges you can face with
  • Making apps accessible to everyone
  • A deep dive into iOS platform new frameworks (Combine, RealityKit, CryptoKit, VisionKit, MetricKit etc.)
  • Declarative UI and rapid prototyping and impact of SwiftUI on your app
  • Best practices for localization automation
  • Test engineering practices and test automation (TDD/BDD, new features in Xcode etc.)
  • Building cross-platform app for Apple ecosystem with Catalyst
  • Efficient work with mobile GPU, bringing Metal into your project
  • Efficient development with focus on optimization/performance/profiling
    Selected speakers will get:
  • Paid hotel for 2 nights and plane tickets (unless your company covers the expenses)
  • Visa invitation if needed (no visa is needed if you arrive for up to 30 days)
  • The video recording of the talks
  • Invitation to a pre-party and afterparty
    We provide a Participant Partner status to your company in case it covers the expenses for your logistics. Partnership options include:
  • logo on the conference website
  • some small company swag on the venue prior agreed with the organizers
  • one free conference ticket for a company representative
  • When will I know if i'm accepted? >> You will be notified by September 10, 2019.
  • What can I do if I need help with my submission? >> You can send an email to:

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