OpenStack Days Nordic 2018

Stockholm, Sweden October 10, 2018

CFP closed at  June 17, 2018 09:06 UTC

OpenStack Days Nordic – Stockholm 2018 is a two-day event with a mission to increase Awareness, Utilization and Competence surrounding OpenStack, Containers and related software/infrastructure. The event consists of presentations and educational opportunities over two days and the topics span everything from cloud strategy and business case development to operational best practices and technical deep dives.

Metrics from past events

The event is a platform for collaboration and discussion between existing and potential community members. Here you will find the majority of OpenStack experts, potential partners, customers and vendors in the nordic region. Apart from getting to know one of the largest open source communities in the world, you get insights from the core of the OpenStack project, success stories, technical briefs, training sessions and future development plans by users of the platform.

** THIS FORM IS USED TO COLLECT TALK SUBMISSIONS FOR THE MAIN EVENT, SCHEDULED ON OCTOBER 10. For more information about the full program, please visit the event website. **

CFP Description

Our attendees are eager to learn and explore new areas of OpenStack. A good presentation free of sales content is the best and most valuable presentation.

KNOWLEDGE & AWARENESS This track turns to decision makers who want to learn more about the current OpenStack’s state of the art. - New Use Cases - Emerging domains (e.g. MedTech, Finance, …) - Evolution - Emerging Tools - Research and innovation

OPERATIONS & ADMINISTRATIONS For existing OpenStack users and administrator who want to expand their knowledge and learn from others. Expected content: demos and presentations - Problem solving - Best practices - Architectural decisions - Maintenance and lifecycle - Scaling strategies

DEVELOPMENT & CONTRIBUTION The future of OpenStack rests in the hands of the community. This track is aimed at those looking to get involved in improving OpenStack. Expected content: hands-on sessions and tutorials - Grassroots projects - Get involved! - Community building - Prototyping - Deep-Diving