Pittsburgh TechFest 2018

Pittsburgh, PA June 02, 2018


CFP closed at  March 19, 2018 12:03 UTC

This is the seventh edition of the non-denominational software development technology conference in Pittsburgh. Any topic related to software development in any language or platform (or no technology, if you wish to talk about the softer side) is welcome. We had a wide mix of topics and presenter levels (beginner to professional) last year and would love to have that again.

The event is June 2, 2018 at La Roche College in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. There are hotels nearby, but please note we cannot pick up your travel expenses as this is a volunteer-run, nearly free ($15-25) conference. We expect around 300 people to attend.

Feel free to submit more than one talk. Feel especially free to submit your FIRST TALK EVER!

What we are known for: Pittsburgh TechFest specializes in providing a forum for niche talks and first time speakers.

We think that talks that tell a story are excellent. For example, it would be great if your talk told us about that time you:

  • deleted the whole production database and then figured out how to restore everything
  • refactored that slow dashboard
  • asked for a raise (and got it!)
  • helped the new dev figure out your arcane build script and learned how to make it easier and better

CFP Description

Our conference is open to all topics that might be of interest to people who build software. Our attendees are testers, project managers, scrum masters, product owners, operators, DBAs, developers, and even managers.

Our attendees like to hear about the latest topics, but we also have a subset that are just getting started. Talks about things they don’t teach you about in college for people just starting out are also well received.

Our location has various size rooms, from 30 seat classrooms to 100 seat lecture halls. If you have a niche topic that you can present well to 20 people, we have a place for that. If you want to talk about the hottest new feature of the coolest new Javascript framework, we have a place to put that, too.

We have all day coffee/tea/water, college cafeteria style lunch (real food! lots of options!), and a social with heavy appetizers and beverages to keep you going during the day.